Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shvil Yisrael--Herzliya, heading south

We started off in the same location as last week
But this time, instead of heading towards Netanya, we turned toward the Sinda Ali complex.
On the northbound side, this part of the trail is beautiful little nooks, marble-rocky beaches, wandering through ruins. On the southbound side, it's crowded urban sprawl.
We walked until the Herzeliya Marina, where the trail leave the beach for about a kilometer; it's an easy point to remember when we next pick up our hike.
Instead of going off the beach to get to the Marina and its adjacent mall, we kept going until we found a brook of sewage which we had to cross. Obviously, others had crossed it before us, leaving help behind.
Northbound we had seen tiny little fishies. At the Marina, they looked ready to take on a small boat.
The Marina, with the Arena Mall in the background:
Arena is supposed to be a fancy-shmancy mall. OK, so it has Nine West and Kenneth Cole, but it also has Kravitz and Fox. That's fancy how?
On the way back to the car we did actually follow the trail, street portion and all. (Better than the sewage.) The one problem with the Trail is finding the markings, especially in urban areas. See the marking in the picture?
(It's on the rock, just to the right of all the greenery.)
Some people complain that Israel is getting secular, but it's everyday signs, warning of doom and destruction if one swims without supervision, still quote the Scriptures.
Some more pretty-pretties:
Lifeguard station of obviously 70s vintage:
Our starting/stopping point, 3:15 pm:


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your pictures of Israel because it makes me wish I were back there. I love these because I remember those sites.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was called Sidney ali?
it used to be really beautiful until they ruined it with that awful marina and shopping center. and they call that progress.

Tanesia said...

People should read this.