Thursday, October 26, 2006

In praise of younger men

While the Spouse has been working on the East Coast (of the US; if he was working on the East Coast of Israel, he'd be home), The Oldest Teen has been filling in, for good and bad.

Good: He went to the city and got the Youngest Teen's cell phone fixed.
Bad: He leaves his coffee cup on the table, just like dear old Dad.

Good: He went to the city to get the rice mixes my parents asked me to bring.
Bad: Since Dad's been away he's taken to wearing his tzitziyot like Dad -- one set of strings hanging straight down the center outside his waistband.

Good: He drove me to the airport.
Bad: He nearly gave me a heart attack doing it.

Good: He made me dinner every night.
Bad: It was either pasta with no sauce or frozen chicken schnitzel.

But all in all, it's been a joy having him home. No scrambling for who'll watch The Youngest Teen while I'm away. No having to run in to town to take care of errands. Almost like having The Spouse at home, but when I tell this man to clean his room, he sometimes (somewhat) listens.

I'm taking a newer, smaller hand luggage this trip. I'm such a yekke that I always worry they'll enforce the weight and item limits. Usually I take two pairs of socks to knit on the plane, but to free up weight, I quickly finished my pair. The Spouse's can wait; he's getting gifted them for our anniversary, a week away.

(Quick, bad picture, because the airport authorities don't like you taking pictures inside the terminal.)
Mystery socks from the Yahoo SAM group.

ETA: Free on-board innernets rulz!


Janjan said...

Happy Anniversary in advance!

Louise said...

Have a great trip!

stephanie said...

Happy anniversary!

Still no box, huh? does it usually take 2 months for something to reach you from here?

muse said...

you raised the young man