Friday, July 28, 2006

To my friends from Karnei/Ginot/Kedumim

Riddle me this.

On Wednesday, the army sniffs out a terrorist in the village outside Kedumim.

Thursday, between Karnei and Emmmanuel, the army finds the burnt corpse of Yakir resident Dr. Daniel Yaakovi HY"D.

Today, you're demonstrating on the Azun road in protest over the recent spate of stone throwings.

And you won't let your kids tramp in my area because it's dangerous?!?


Safranit said...

C'mon know the story "everyone and their own Arabs"

I know people in Gush Etzion who couldn't imagine living in my Jeruslem neighborhood because of our proximity to our "cousins." (Especially after Thursday night's incident)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Moze: My understanding is that Ginot/Karnei/Kedumim people don't tremp anywhere these days -- unless they tremp from within the yishuv.

Moze said...

Oh, Jameel, Jameel. Maybe that's what the teens tell their parents. Given the number of tramps I've given to Ginot/Karnei/Kedumim kids, and the number whom my kids meet on tramps -- they go everywhere they want to on forefinger power.

Anonymous said...

We don't let them tremp ANYWHERE outside of the yishuv.