Thursday, July 27, 2006

A few links and some tests has a Windows based desktop application which will make giving knee jerk support to the Israeli government's decisions easy.

Wait, wait, hold your fire. I know I'm sounding horribly Leftist. I don't automatically supoort the Israeli government's decisions in this war? Well, no, of course not. The soldiers killed yesterday died because the Israeli government decided not to bomb and to send in ground troops instead. Protect Leban civilians who have been told to get out (and who know the consequences for not getting out), who have been given adequate time to get out, and the Hezballah terrorists lurking among them or protect Israeli soldiers?

And the day before, with Olmert going to visit people kicked out of Gaza last year and telling them, "You think you should still be in Gaza. The government thinks not, and we're right, so we're going to screw the country by giving the West Bank to terrorists, too!" (OK, he didn't put it that way exactly, but come on. We left Lebanon and got more terror. We left Gaza and got more terror, You'd have to be an idiot not to think the same thing will happen out here. Even Ha'Aretz says so.)

But whether you approve of what the givernment is doing, the soldiers still need support. Send them a hug and Elite will send them some chocolate.

So, those tests the Teens took? The Middle Teen flunked her driving test, much to the relief of everyone but her. (Overconfident teenager + car = bad idea. A little humbling is a good thing.) The Oldest Teen won't know his results until September, but he thinks he did well and showed that he has leadership ability without being pushy. The Youngest Teen has been sent to the plastic surgeon to remove a beauty mark at the top of her chest (quoth the doctor: "You'll want a pretty scar for when you wear low cut blouses." Uh huh. Someone explain to me why the local doctors think the Russians are their only customers and learn nothing about their other market share, the religious settlers?) and the dietician wants her to live on diet soda, black bread, and radishes. I'm just surprised she wasn't given a daily vodka ration, too.

Yestarday we took the Middle Teen to interview in the school where she may be volunteering for 12th grade. She fell in love with the principal, and if she gets accepted there she will have private tutors for three subjects: chemistry (which is her major but is not offered--a Russian chemistry teacher working in Hadera as a lab tech tutored the Shelef volunteer girl last year), history (no one in the school is taking five units as she is) and math (her school does the 003 & 005 tests by the end of 11th grade, everyone else does the 003 & 004, so they'll all be learning for 005 and she needs to learn 005, but since tutoring goes more quickly than a classroom, she may even be able to do 5 units instead of her projected 4). She won't be able to do her Bible thesis, so she'll have to make up last year's work (Bible's an easy subject for her, though) and she's already finished English, so her classroom time will be limited. Works for me!

And--lookee here, no visualization exercises for you today. (Well, if you insist, you can keep visualizing that black stockinette sweater. By next week I may actually have something worth showing). But here's some spinning--2 ply, 14wpi. Not finished yet, because I still ahve to ply it with a strand of blue mettalic, but that'll be done once the whole kilo is spun up, and this stuff's a bitch to spin: full of VM and neps. Never, ever will I buy rovings off Ebay again.


Lucy said...

Glad to hear from you again Moze. I don't know how you do it with 3 are amazing. I have one that drives me crazy. And speaking of driving, I totally understand your relief on your middle one not passing yet...I know she probably doesn't tho. Oh, and that color of yarn is beautiful just the same! Stay strong and safe...I'm still praying.

Rachel Ann said...

I think where this country went wrong was when our people were first kidnapped, I don't mean this time, but the first time one of our people was kidnapped, we should have flown over the country to which they were taken--- I don't care if it were a splinter group, sending down leaflets stating that if our citizen, be it soldier or civilian, was not returned within 24 hrs, we would take it as war and go in. If the person was already dead we would expect the body to be returned along with the kidnappers, whom we would then prosecute in our courts.
Should this not happen we would give the civilans of the country 24hrs to leave. Anyone not wishing to be killed should find a different home for the duration.

And we should have followed through on that threat until we met our goal.

But we didn't, so we are stuck with this mess.