Wednesday, July 09, 2008

30 for Benjamin Cohen Z"L

The first 30 days of mourning for Benjy are almost over. If anyone reading would like to attend the evening in his memory, here are the details:

Wednesday July 16 2008, 13 Tammuz 5768, Har Bracha

18:45 unveiling in the Har Bracha cemetery

The rest of the schedule will take place in the Har Bracha synagogue:

19:15 Mincha
19:30 Father/son study
20:15 Maariv
20:30 siyum mishnayot, divrei Torah, light refreshment

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Iris said...

My mother (of blessed memory) absolutely hated the custom in New York of having refreshments at the cemetery following the unveiling. Ugh. She would have greatly appreciated the appropriate program you described.

In my thoughts...