Friday, July 13, 2007

Kntting into the Mystery (week 2)

Clue #2 is done on I am Mysterious (Black).
Unblocked lace. So pretty. Not.
I am Mysterious (White) is up to Row 80 on Chart B (Clue 1). I'll probably not catch up with that one until the Harry Potter break week.

Skein #1 for the Rainbow 'Vog On socks is done, so I'm halfway through what I wanted to accomplish on the Tour de Fleece and will definitely have the yarn to finish all my Tour de France KAL team projects.
As soon as I finished the two remaining WiPs in the hopper , I can cast on; by then I should be finished plying the second skein.


Sarah HB said...

Did you dye the yarn??? Very cool colors.

Hmm...I am on row 69 of clue 1. Looks good!

Iris said...

Love the rainbow on the niddy-noddy - plastic pipe? Neat!

Heatherly said...

ugh i only have clue 1 done.

Ina said...

The rainbow is mind-blowingly gorgeous!

Heh. I'm a slow bee in MS3.