Thursday, November 30, 2006

Confessions of a middle-aged housewife: The Other Man

I'm in love, and with someone other than my husband.

Yes, that's right. Go back and read it again if you were too shocked the first time to absorb it.

Who's the object of my affections? This handsome man.


Judge Steve Adler, who ordered the striking government employees back to work, at least for a week. Enough time for The Spouse to come home from his North American Tour of six weeks. Love you, Judge Adler! We'll make a toast to you around our full-family Shabbat table this week. Mwah!

Now, can anyone explain to me why anyone still works for regional councils? Every few years there's a strike because the council workers haven't been paid. You'd think these people would know that their employer has a lousy track record when it comes to handing over salaries. Why don't they just look for jobs with more reliable employers? There must be something in it for them, so why they have to make my life miserable every other year is beyond me.

A suggestion for the Histadrut: your strikes are so overwhelming that the judiciary has to intervene. Why not lower the intensity and make it much more disruptive? Don't strike 24 hours a day. Pick hours--say, from 10-11 am all government offices shut down and all people inside are kicked out. When they're allowed back in at 11, refuse to accept any previous numbers, and make people line up again. Then go on strike after lunch, and again make people line up from scratch. People can't complain that they aren't getting services--they'll just have to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days, depending on how often you play the 'empty out and start again' game. Roll the dice each morning and only deliver mail when it comes up even. Have the air traffic controller strike for 20 minutes on the hour, and the baggage handlers for 15 minutes on the half hour. You'll drive everyone insane, but since citizens can still, with enough time and patience, get on with our lives, we'll be more likely to pressure the government on your behalf.

Or here's a really novel idea: Don't strike against the public sector, strike against the Knesset and the government complex! Block the entrances. Don't prepare or serve food in the cafeteria. Shut off the power and phones to the building. Don't pick up or deliver mail (including bribes). It's easy to push against those who have no power to push back, but we're also the ones who have no power to help you, knuckle-heads. But speaking truth to power might get your little union knees cut out from under you, mightn't it? And so, since government employees are withholding the salaries of government employees, non-government employees suffer.

Love you, Judge Adler. Have I said that already?

In the spirit of love, yarn p0rn. Stephanie sent a huge, terrific package to make up for The Middle Teen taking all her sock yarn and Cotton Ease with her to Hadera. This blows to hell and back my "use up 5 kilo more yarn than I get in this year" plan, but it is worth it.
I count a pair of knee socks, a pair of socks for the Middle Teen (it's not as warm in Hadera as first she thought) and a hoodie for the Youngest Teen in there.And maybe something for the Oldest Teen, as well, but that will have to wait until he's back from basic training.

State of the art update (aka WIP p0rn, aka too much going on, wouldn't you say?):


Devorah said...

I count 5 projects. That's too many? Nah!

Karla said...

Hi, Moze! Love your post title! ha ha! Also wanted to thank you for the invitation to visit you! If I'm ever in Israel, I will! :) As far as innoculations for a US Passport, I'm really not sure of what the vaccination requirements are and if they vary by country of destination or if the vaccinations are just standard no matter where you're visiting. I remember hearing about vaccinations to travel to and from other countries, and it makes sense, but I'm not sure of the exact requirements according to country being visited. I would honestly love to travel the world, though. I just don't look forward to any vaccinations!

AmyS said...

Hi Moze! I agree, that's not too many WIPs - not for you, anyway! That looks like what you might bring along in your knitting bag for another get-together at Gourmet Yarn. Speaking of which, have you been back there at all? I am running out of yarn on a few projects and need to take a break from my frantic super-secret Chanukah knitting to get some more yarn.

stephanie said...

Karla, no vax requirements for Israel (at least not when I went).

Glad you like the yarn Moze! Happy knitting.

Markus said...

Good Job! :)