Thursday, September 21, 2006

The habit of silence

Once you get into the habit of not speaking much, it's hard to start again. You either gush (as at Knit Out Israel) or stay too silent (as on this blog).

You know things are bad when you listen to Sondheim to cheer you up.

Finished Business:

1. Knit Out Israel. Read about it at Amy's blog (her ice cream socks looked yummy enough to eat). Gourmet Yarn Shop would be OK for a US yarn shop; that it's in Israel at all is pretty darn amazing. Orly's got glass knitting needles and will soon have the short Bryspun dpns, and she seems pretty open to carrying just about anything her clientele will buy. Works for me.

I think I shocked the British ladies. They start talking about odd balls who have multiple WIPs, and I pull out the MD felted basket, an MD baby kimono, a garterlac placemat and Amir Peretz -- I spared them all the ER trip and did not pull out the other MD baby kimono, the sock, and the kumihimo braid. And I didn't even bring the shawl in progress, the dishcloth, the linen ties, or the other pair of socks. Nothing succeeds like excess.

2. Got our new car today. It's a case of second verse same as the first; another white Hyundai Getz, but this time a 2005 model instead of 2003.

3. It's a small world. Our Rosh Hashanah guests are bringing a guest of their own, an American whom the Oldest Teen knows from his summer university classes. A professor he may have next semester (if the army sends him to the university he's been in) has a son who used to live next door to our guests (down the block from us). The Middle Teen's housemate turns out to be a cousin of the Middle Teen's 5-6 grade teacher. I think we're getting to the point where we're reaching a critical mass of connections.

Have a sweet new year. Anyone wants some killer honey cake?


Tasha said...

Happy New Year! And honey cake sounds delish. :)

Creative Genius? said...

OHHHHH I love honey cake!!! I spent 5 hours yesterday baking honey cake, applesauce cake, jamaica cake, apple bread, and making homemade apple sauce - all for dinners that we are attending for the holidays!


May you and your family have a good sweet new year - L'shana Tova!

Devorah said...

L'shana Tova. May this year bring you and your family joy and happiness.

Lucy said...

I love "honey" anything!!! Need my address to send some????? Enjoy!

Batya said...

shannah tovah!

ps I was disappointed in the NY yarn places compared to Jm.

Janjan said...

Moze you and the Spouse have nothing but connections! Cosidering how he and I are Parkway Oaks alums and all!
A very sweet and happy New Year to you all, and a safe one, too.

jane dark said...

L'shana tova! And yes, please pass the honey cake!

AmyS said...

Hey there! A belated Shana Tova from me, too. I'll trade hunks of honey cake with you, how's that?