Thursday, March 17, 2005

Silent, but not idle

So we didn't go yarn crawling last Monday, but we did go to a great kosher Chinese vegetarian restaurant (Garden Vegetarian at 9013 Westheimer). We'll go back there again when we return in two weeks.

Now we're in West Palm and B is racking in the publicity. He won't let me link to it (what, him modest?) or post his picture, but I guess this picture, from one of the local papers, is innocent enough:

I've been trying to get in some work, but it's tough to do when this is the view over your computer:

So instead I sit looking at the view and working away on my Clapotis.

This is the yarn I got at School Products in NYC. I'm on my last full hank, then I figure I can use another quarter hank before starting the decrerases--I'd rather have some left over at the end than have to frog and redo the decreases because I ran out.

Did a little yarn crawling; went to the Knitting Nook on N. Military Trail. OK store with the usual selection of novelties, very little sweater yarn (which doesn't surprise me--this is South Florida). No magazines or books for sale, as far as I could see, and no one seemed interested in helping out a hapless shopper, but plenty of llittle old ladies coming in to shop, so they really don't need my itinerant custom. I think when I'm down here in May or over the summer I'll drive down to Miami to check out Elegant Stitches, which seems more a real yarn store.


Wendy G said...

Sounds like you have ben really busy! Clapotis is looking great.

amanda said...

your clapotis is beautiful! i love the color:O)

amy said...

great clapotis :) and yes, from my own personal experience it is better not to run out of yarn! i did. i was sad. have a great weekend! said...

what great yarn for your clapotis. beautiful colors.