Sunday, February 11, 2007

My knitting ate my weekly walk

Last week we didn't get to do any of the Israel National Trail. Blame it on Monkey business.


What is it with me lately, underestimating the amount of sock yarn I'll need? Luckily Tzvi at Badei Shani had one more skein of this yarn in this dyelot. I might even have enough for fingerless mitts, since the third skein is only making toes.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Downsizing January

I don't know whether it's an early midlife crisis, a fit of FLYing, or the Israeli settler's version of the American middle-class woman's fear of ending up a bag lady (i.e., ending up in a charavilla), but I've been trying to downsize. Get rid of things I don't love and won't use, books that don't interest me, VHS tapes I have on DVD or electronic files, turning stash into knitting. January was a productive month. I'm down 22 VHS tapes, 40 books (yes, I do read fast), and 13 skeins of yarn (after the one skein which was bought to finish these):

The four skeins of yarn it took to knit these knee socks aren't amongst the 13 in the count; until I knit the final stitch possible out of a yarn, it doesn't count as done, and I have about 40 grams left. Anyone have any ideas on what to do with such a small but substantial amount? If it were food I'd feed it to the cat, but I doubt she likes Strumpfwolle 6 fach.